The Epoxy Resin Guide

Introduction to The Epoxy Resin Guide

Chapter 1: Getting Started with Epoxy Resin

Chapter 2: Exploring Epoxy Resin Techniques

  • Step-by-step instructions for basic epoxy resin pouring and coating
  • Creating epoxy resin art: tips, tricks, and inspiring ideas
  • Epoxy resin casting and embedding: from molds to stunning creations
  • Enhancing woodworking projects with epoxy resin

Chapter 3: Beginner Epoxy Resin Projects

  • Epoxy Starter Kits
  • Creating Epoxy Coasters
  • Epoxy Cutting boards
  • Using Epoxy with Silicone Moulds

Chapter 4: Intermediate Epoxy Resin Projects

  • Using Moulds to Pour Epoxy
  • Making Charcuterie boards that sell
  • Making Small Tables and Table Tops
  • Using Pigments to create effects

Chapter 5: Advanced Epoxy Resin Projects

  • Designing and building epoxy resin river tables
  • Intricate epoxy resin inlays: techniques and advanced patterns
  • Mastering epoxy resin finishes: polishing, buffing, and maintenance
  • Taking epoxy resin art to the next level: geodes, marbling, and more

Chapter 6: Troubleshooting and Common Mistakes

  • Identifying and resolving common epoxy resin issues
  • Dealing with bubbles, imperfections, and uneven surfaces
  • Understanding curing problems and their solutions
  • Salvaging and fixing mistakes in epoxy resin projects

Chapter 7: Understanding Epoxy Flooring

  • Different Types of Epoxy Flooring
  • Preparation, preparation and more preparation
  • Applying Epoxy Coatings
  • Creating 3D Metallic Floors
  • Common mistakes with Epoxy Floors

Chapter 8: Starting an Epoxy Resin Business

  • Navigating the world of epoxy resin entrepreneurship
  • Pricing your epoxy resin work and estimating project costs
  • Marketing and promoting your epoxy resin creations
  • Building a brand and attracting customers

Chapter 9: Inspiring Epoxy Resin Projects Showcase

  • Highlighting stunning epoxy resin projects from professionals
  • Showcasing diverse applications and creative ideas
  • Providing inspiration for readers’ own projects


  • Recap of key concepts and techniques covered in the e-book
  • Encouragement to continue exploring and mastering epoxy resin
  • Additional resources and references for further learning