How to clean Epoxy Resin

How to Clean Epoxy Resin

Cleaning Epoxy Resin can be a messy business if you do not know how to clean epoxy resin. If you have worked with Epoxy Resin for any time, you will know that it is not the easiest thing to clean. Apart from that you can easily get it all over your clothes.

how to clean epoxy resin

The best way to clean Epoxy Resin is with Acetone or Pourpoxy Bubble Pop Spray. It is also important to work clean from the start. I have found that if you started dripping Epoxy all over the place it normally just get messier. I use Paper Towels and Bubble Pop Spray to clean my hands, equipment and work surface.

How to clean Epoxy Resin Containers

I have found that cleaning Epoxy Resin Containers are most of the time not worth the trouble. Many people are cleaning the Epoxy Resin Containers with Acetone, but it can become very expensive. It all depends n what type of containers you use. If it is small containers, it is much easier to clean them out.

With larger containers in is wise to leave a stick in the epoxy resin overnight and let the epoxy dry. Once it is dry, you can then just pull the stick and the entire piece of epoxy will come right out of the container.

How to clean Epoxy Resin off your hands

It is always a good idea to use disposable gloves when working with Epoxy Resin. If you however need to clean Epoxy off you hands, the Bubble Pop Spray and a Paper Towel works very well, else you can also use Acetone to get it off.

Once you have cleaned your hands with the Bubble Pop Spray and Acetone, your hands might still feel sticky for a while. I normally wash my hands with soap and hot water afterwards, although it does not necessarily take off the sticky feeling. This sticky feeling however do disappear after a while.

How to clean Epoxy Resin from Equipment

Epoxy Resin can easily get messy and it will be all over your equipment. I use Stainless Steel Fish knives to stir and mix small amounts of Epoxy Resin. They can very easily get clogged with Epoxy Resin. If the Epoxy is still wet, it is easy to clean it with a Paper Towel and Bubble Pop Spray. If it is dry you can get if off with a sharp knive.

I also found that when I work with Epoxy Resin, it tends to quickly stick on my scale. I try to always put a clean piece of Paper Towel on my scale to prevent the resin of dripping on the scale. If it however does drip on the scale, I remove it with Acetone or Bubble Pop Spray.


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