• Mixing Epoxy
    Epoxy Resin

    Mixing Epoxy

    Mixing Epoxy A Step-by-step guide to Measure and Mix Epoxy Resins The proper use of epoxy resin and the hardeners is crucial in ensuring that epoxy cures properly. Whether you are using Art Epoxy, Table Top Epoxy, Casting Epoxy or Deep Casting Epoxy, mixing and measuring the Epoxy correctly is very important and can either let you project succeed or fail. Follow the next steps carefully to ensure that you get a perfect mix of the resin and hardener. Mixing Resin and hardener must be handled carefully because the chemical reaction of Epoxy and Hardener can react in various ways. Step 1 – Follow the Manufacturers Instructions When you buy…

  • Epoxy Resin for Wood
    Epoxy Resin

    Epoxy Resin for Wood

    Epoxy Resin for Wood Wood Epoxy – Your complete guide for Epoxy Resin and Wood Epoxy Epoxy resin is versatile and is used in various projects. A popular use for epoxy is mixing it with hardwood. Use epoxy resin to protect and maintain your hardwood. In fact, it’s possible to create amazing tabletops from resin in wood. The epoxy resin can be used in countertops, as well as flooring, gorgeous resin 3d floors , Epoxy Art and much more. Epoxy is extremely satisfying to work with. I have created many epoxy and resin projects, and just love how each them are completely unique. Epoxy Resin Overview A common term for…

  • How to polish Epoxy Resin
    Epoxy Resin

    How to polish Epoxy Resin

    How to Polish Epoxy Resin When you create a Epoxy Resin Project, it is important to know how to polish epoxy resin to get that glass like finish. Once Epoxy Resin is set, you can saw, sand and router it to get the perfect form that you want. Once it is worked down, you need to polish it to get the glass like shine back. How do you do it? Stick with me in this article and I will tell you exactly how to do it.   What is Epoxy Resin Epoxy Resin is a great substance that is used in Art and Woodworking Projects to create stunning art pieces.…

  • Epoxy Resin,  Cleaning Epoxy Resin

    How to clean Epoxy Resin

    How to Clean Epoxy Resin Cleaning Epoxy Resin can be a messy business if you do not know how to clean epoxy resin. If you have worked with Epoxy Resin for any time, you will know that it is not the easiest thing to clean. Apart from that you can easily get it all over your clothes. The best way to clean Epoxy Resin is with Acetone or Pourpoxy Bubble Pop Spray. It is also important to work clean from the start. I have found that if you started dripping Epoxy all over the place it normally just get messier. I use Paper Towels and Bubble Pop Spray to clean…

  • What can you do with Epoxy Resin
    Epoxy Resin

    What can you do with Epoxy Resin

    What can you do with Epoxy Resin Ask Yourself, what can you do with Epoxy Resin? Epoxy Resin is extremely versatile and very rewarding to work with. There are so many things that you can create with Epoxy resin, and in this article I would like to give you an overview of the different things that you can create with Epoxy Resin