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Welcome to the Epoxy Resin Guide

The Epoxy Resin Guide

Welcome to The Epoxy Resin Guide where you can find loads of Information, get ideas of what to create and ask questions about working with it.


The Epoxy Resin Guide


Whether you are starting out with Epoxy Resin or whether you are a seasoned professional, there are tips, tricks and ideas for everyone.

Epoxy Resin is used for various things, in fact almost too many to mention here. If you want to learn more about it’s uses you can visit my article on “What can you do with Epoxy Resin“.

There are many different types and there are even more uses. If you are on this page you are most probably already doing Epoxy Resin work or you are looking for ways to use it. I have found that Epoxy Resin is a very rewarding material to work with and I just love it. Especially true if you combine the Epoxy with  the different pigments and create various effects. Then it seems that their is no end to what you can imagine and what you can create.

The Epoxy Resin Guide

So, why the Epoxy Resin Guide? I have been hosting Epoxy Workshops for a few years now, and I have taught many people during these courses on how to work with Epoxy Resin. I still get requests every day, and by compiling the Epoxy Resin Guide, it gives me the opportunity to share what I know, what I learn, and even what I will learn in the future with you guys..

Because this is such a wide field, it is very difficult to give specific information in just one area. People who are interested in Epoxy Floors, are not necessarily interested in Casting Epoxy Resins or Making Epoxy Jewelry. If you therefore have any questions that can’t seem to find on the site, you are more than welcome to contact me.

Epoxy Resin Products

There are many different Epoxy Resin Products worldwide, and I will also try to accommodate as many suppliers as possible to list there products and services on the website. If you have Products or services that you want to feature on this website, you are also welcome to connect with me. I live in South Africa and I have a Company called E-Poxy which distributes High Quality Epoxy Ranges in South Africa that include Art Epoxy, Table Top Epoxy, Casting Epoxy and Deep Casting Epoxy as well as various types of Transparent Pigments, Liquid Epoxy Pigment, Metallic Epoxy Pigments, Liquid Paste Epoxy Pigments, Diamond Epoxy Pigments and more..

But this website is not about selling, it is about providing information to Epoxy enthusiasts, so that you can easily get information about Epoxy when you need it.

Contributions to the Epoxy Resin Guide

You are also welcome to submit Guest Posts and relevant tutorials, product images and product ideas to The Epoxy Resin Guide if you wish to share and feature your work.

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